Patient of the Month


Brock is our Patient of the Month!  He is fun, nice, and can make you laugh anytime.  Brock loves to ski and is a member of Team Breckenridge.  He contributes to our Fort Collins community by volunteering for different charities including Realities for Children and Project Smile.   When Brock is older, he wants to be a YouTuber because they make great money while having lots of fun.  He would like to stay age 21 forever so that he can hang out and go everywhere with his friends.  We are so proud to have Brock as a GO patient and enjoy all of the joy he brings each time he is in our office! 


Tristen is kind, smart, and funny.  Her smile is contagious, especially around Goings Orthodontics!  She is a joyful planner who loves to clean and organize her room.  Tristen contributes to our community by volunteering at her church as a Joy Teamer.  She gets to play with kids and enjoys being with them as much as possible.  She can't wait to be 18 so that she can drive and vote!  One day, Tristen will be a journalist and a photographer.  We are so looking forward to reading about all of her travels and experiences! 

Congratulations to Landree Wilson, our patient of the month!

Our Patient of the Month, Landree, chooses to be herself every day!  She is confident, stylish and unique.  Her personality shows through the way she acts, talks, and even the way she dresses.  Landree contributes to our community by volunteering at her church, babysitting and donating money.  She also likes to shop and support local businesses in Fort Collins!  Landree can't wait to be 18 years old so that she can vote.  She believes the world needs peace and she is going to create it.  Landree is awesome and we are so proud to have  her as a patient at Goings Orthodontics!

Sept Landree Wilson

Congratulations to Olivia Bobo, our patient of the month!

We are so thankful to have Olivia as part of our GO Family!  She is creative, happy, and loving!  Something that stands out about Olivia is that she is a triplet with her sister Ava and brother Jake.  She is the 2nd oldest of 5 kids!  Olivia is a lefty except for when she plays sports and then she's a righty.  Olivia contributes to our community by helping put cots in rooms at her church for Faith Families.  She never litters because she likes to keep this world clean and beautiful!  If she could stay one age forever, it would be 18.  Then, she can drive and go anywhere and do anything she wants!  Her creative side makes her want to be an artist when she grows up.  She loves art so much that she creates a piece of it almost every single day!  You're awesome Olivia and we're proud to have you as our Patient of the Month!

Bobo POM

Congratulations to Jerick Simper, our patient of the month!

We are so glad to have Jerick as a patient at Goings Orthodontics.  He is super cool, smart, and silly.  His sense of humor is very unique and he will keep you laughing for hours.  To help in his community, Jerick offers to mow lawns in the summer and shovel driveways in the winter for his neighbors.  If he could pick the perfect age, he would be 31 forever because at that age, you can do anything!  One day, Jerick would like to be a mechanic so that he can build really cool cars. Keep up the great work Jerick, you're one of a kind!  




Congratulations to Melisa Bay, our patient of the month!

Melisa has been in braces with our office for the past eight months now. She is an excellent patient who does a great job with her brushing. We love seeing Melisa when she comes in for her appointments. Melisa describes herself as unique, quiet, loving, awesome, cool, outstanding, smart and fun; we agree that she is all of these things and more. She has a verity of favorite teachers in her life, ranging from her Karate instructor to her math teacher. She appreciates all of them encouraging her to do her best and their inspiration to be a better person. Melisa stays busy contributing to her community by picking up trash when she sees it on the ground; she is always helping around the neighborhood when needed, and she also shows sheep for 4-H. One thing is for sure, her dream vacation would be to Hawaii; she would go with her brother, dad and mom because she loves them, and they are very close. Thank you for being such a great patient, Melisa! We are very proud to call you our patient of the month!!!



Congratulations to Caroline Claxton, our patient of the month!

Caroline, also known as CC, just started her first phase of treatment with our office. She has an expander and will be getting braces soon. She is doing great with her appliance! Caroline is unique and diverse because she is sporty and crafty; she loves to run track, do archery, sing and sew. She is also very kind. During the snowy months of the year, Caroline takes the time to care for the elderly in her neighborhood by getting their mail for them. She has a special relationship with her elderly neighbors, always brightening their spirits. When she is not helping out around the neighborhood, she is improving her fairy garden. If she was to go on a dream vacation, it would be to Europe with her whole family, pets included. Thank you, CC, for all you do. We are proud to call you our patient of the month!!!



Congratulations to Brayden Lake, our patient of the month!

Brayden is in his first phase of braces at our office. We are always greeted with a nice smile and a great attitude when he comes in for his appointments. He would describe himself as nice, festive and loving; we agree with him. Brayden is also very involved in Cub Scouts where he does community service projects, like picking up trash on Trilby. He is about to receive the Arrow of Light Award where he will transition from Cub Scout to Boy Scout. Although he is only 10 years old, he is just one belt away from receiving his black belt in Taekwondo. He would love to travel all over Asia some day to participate in Taekwondo tournaments. He would take his family of course. In addition to all of Brayden’s activities, he is also a great student. He attends Bacon Elementary; his favorite teacher is Mrs. Fitzpatrick because she is nice and pushes him to do his best. Congratulations, Brayden! We are so proud to call you our patient of the month!!!



Congratulations to Megan Petrilla, our patient of the month!

Megan is a very dedicated individual. She excels at many things and is extremely smart for her age. She is already in high level math and is only in the eighth grade. She also takes part in National Junior Honor Society, where she is able to take her knowledge to the next level. She is very dedicated to the sport of swimming. She swims five days a week with the FAST swim team here in Fort Collins. She really looks up to her swim coach, Mackenzie, because she is always pushing her to swim harder. When Megan is not swimming or studying, she enjoys doing service projects with NJHS along with volunteering two hours every Sunday at the humane society. If she could go on a dream vacation, it would be with her family and a friend to Europe, especially France. She would love to go to the top floor of the Eiffel Tower. Thank you for all you do, Megan, and for all of the hard work you put in! We are so proud to call you our patient of the month!!!



Congratulations to Hadley Nelson, our patient of the month!

Hadley is currently in braces at our practice and is such a joy to see when she comes in. She would describe herself as smart, creative and a swimmer. Hadley is very athletic and loves to swim. She has been swimming since she was 8 years old. She has a special relationship with her coach, Amanda, who is always there to support her. When Hadley is not in the pool, she loves being with her friends and helping around the house. Her most unique quality is that she is very independent. If Hadley could go on a dream vacation, it would be to Belize to visit the Blue Hole. She would take her best friend, Lexi, and her family. She would explore by snorkeling and seeing new things. We love having Hadley as a part of our office, and we are so proud to call her our patient of the month! Congratulations!!!



Congratulations to Jaeden Harrison, our patient of the month!

We are so proud to congratulate Jaeden with being our Patient of the Month for August! Jaeden has been a role model patient throughout his treatment which began in April 2013. Jaeden was very excited about getting braces. He has been exceptional at keeping his teeth very clean by brushing often. Plus, his braces make him unique, which is one of his favorite things about having braces. Jaeden is not only a wonderful patient with us; he is such a caring friend and diligent student. His favorite teacher is Mrs. Bratten because she is nice, understanding and such a big fan of Jaeden being successful. We are, too! If Jaeden could take a vacation anywhere, it would be to Disney World. He would take his family and his best friend, Kyle, because he would want to share his memories with people that he loves. Amongst being a great son and friend, Jaeden contributes to our community. He is very conscious about trash and picking it up when he see it while fishing or around his neighborhood. We appreciate you, Jaeden! Jaeden would describe himself as awesome, being a rock star and cute. We would agree! In addition, Jaeden is fun, happy and an inspiration! Thank you for being a part of our orthodontic family. We are honored to be here for you on your journey to your new smile!



Congratulations to Elise Daly, our patient of the month!

Elise started treatment at our office with a palatal expander and is now in upper and lower braces. She is doing so well with all of her appliances! Though she is small, Elise is an inspirational girl. She was born deaf and now hears with a hearing aid implant. Being deaf does not disable her from doing what she wants and attempting new challenges, no matter the level of difficulty. Figure skating is a new challenge Elise has taken on. Although skating can be scary, for her it is always fun; especially thanks to her coach, Gordon, who helps her believe she can do anything. Elise is a very loving person as well. She loves walking every year to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (J.D.R.F.) in honor of her sister, Hope, who has Type I diabetes. If Elise could take a vacation anywhere, it would be to Ireland for a whole summer. She would take her best friends, Millie and Hailey, and her parents. She would visit the castles and kiss the Blarney Stone (even if it is a little gross!). Thank you for being such a loving inspiration, Elise. We are so glad to have you as a part of our practice!



Congratulations to Maxine Grothe, our patient of the month!

Maxine is all finished with her first phase of braces here at Goings Orthodontics; she is currently wearing her retainer like a pro to keep her smile looking great! Maxine is an outstanding patient, not only for doing all that is required of her to have the most success possible with braces, but also for whom she is as a person. Maxine has a very loving and caring personality and is always very helpful to others, especially her friends and family. She loves to write, play volleyball and spend time with her family, including her twin. Maxine would love to go on vacation with her family and best friend to Hawaii because she loves spending time with them and knows they would make it a great experience. Her favorite teacher at school is Miss Brown because she is the art teacher, and Maxine loves all art. Thank you, Maxine, for being such a caring and helpful person. We are proud to call you our patient of the month!!!



Congratulations to Sabrina Mike, our patient of the month!

Sabrina is an Invisalign patient here at Goings orthodontics; she is very responsible with wearing her trays and is looking forward to a beautiful smile! Sabrina is an optimistic person who loves spending time with her friends. If she could go anywhere in the world, she would go with her friends, Savannah and Kendall, to Paris, France. They would take in all of the sights and enjoy all of the delicious food Paris has to offer. She also enjoys her favorite teacher, Mr. Schreoder, for his helpfulness and never-ending stories. Mr. Schreoder does not even mind her very high voice (: Sabrina is our patient of the month because of her willingness to put others ahead of herself and help in any way needed. She loves participating in fundraisers, especially school ones. Thank you, Sabrina, for your contributions to the community and for being such a great person!



Bree, Tyler and Kailey are the patients of the month for Goings Orthodontics. They are fantastic siblings. Bree and Kailey recently finished their orthodontic treatment at Goings Orthodontics. They love their straight, beautiful smiles! Tyler is jealous because he has a little more time in treatment. He can't wait to be finished with his braces; however, he looks forward to his future smile with super, straight teeth. Bree is 15 years old and such a rock star! Kailey and Tyler are 16-year-old fraternal twins. Bree enjoys smiling all the time. She is very interested in taking care of animals and helping others. Kailey enjoys writing poetry, playing volleyball, acting, singing, and painting her nails crazy colors. Tyler is an artist - ask him about his face painting skills! He also enjoys playing volleyball. He really likes helping his family run their own Bounce House business and Petting Zoo.